The Workshop / The Story

The Firnás workshop was born after years of investigation, with the aim of being a worldwide reference in the processes of graphic creation by means of photopolymer based photogravure intaglio plates.


It’s therefore aimed at a specialized public who sees these artisanal reproduction techniques as an enriching process for graphic art works, and in the work of the printer not only an added value but also a tool capable of changing the concept of simple copies into that of originals serial prints.


Innumerable plates, papers and bottles of ink have passed through our hands and our press before we were able to present the results we’re pleased to show off today: after having tried tens of different papers and tints, countless combinations of times and intensities of light exposure, endless frames, compensation curves and press pressure indexes, our project has resulted in a workshop that aims to offer world-class excellence in the field of photogravure techniques.


Museums, galleries, collectors, art merchants and any artist involved with graphic arts, will find in Taller Firnás a means to increase the value of their works through its serial production. We will introduce you to a new range of aesthetic and expressive possibilities through this unprecedented technique that is capable of combining the detail of photographic reproduction with the material poetry of engraving.